"Sexy and wild, Forbidden Passions is a must see guilty pleasure-"E!Online

"Shuke light up the screen with their awesome chemistry.You can feel the burn acroos the TV Screen"-TMZ

"Ryan Murpheus' crazy genius works together with this casts's talent to make an unlikely hit of s show."-TV Guide

"Jatrice storm onto the screen from the chastest kiss to their hottest love scenes. A must for anyone with a pulse!"-usaweekend

The Hit Maker

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What Can I Do For You?

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Santana 'Cherish' Lopez

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Sugar Sugar- BABY!

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Smooth Operator

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We Are Now 1 YEAR Ahead

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Launch Day Notice

Hi to all our lovely Forbidden Passions followers. Quick update from all of us her at Primetime Glee.Due to unforseen circumstances the launch of the RP now relocated to NYC will be taking place on Wednesday not Monday as we previously posted.  Join us from Wednesday to see how Quartie, Bike and Samcedes fare a year on and in the Big Apple, will it be smooth sailing or are they headed for some murky waters ahead?There’s only one thing we can say with certainty-we’re excited!

Primetime Glee is Going to NEW YORK!

Aaaaaand we’re doing a TIME JUMP- of ONE Year :D 

This shift will begin on Tuesday, April 22nd. Please bare with us as we take the next few days to switch over the main, and as some of our RPers prepare for the change. Activity may be down or reduced until Tuesday. 

Primetime will also be opening up more roles of both canon and OC characters after the jump as well! 

Thank you! And we’re really excited for what’s in store in the Big Apple! 

Worship Me...

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