"Sexy and wild, Forbidden Passions is a must see guilty pleasure-"E!Online

"Shuke light up the screen with their awesome chemistry.You can feel the burn acroos the TV Screen"-TMZ

"Ryan Murpheus' crazy genius works together with this casts's talent to make an unlikely hit of s show."-TV Guide

"Jatrice storm onto the screen from the chastest kiss to their hottest love scenes. A must for anyone with a pulse!"-usaweekend

❣ "Marriage is the only war where you sleep with the enemy" ~

First comes love, Then comes arriage… Whether everyone lives happily ever after is another matter. The wedding industry is lucrative enough for those that know how to use their talents to pull off the fairytale day.  Follow these young twenty-something’s in Lima Ohio as they follow their dreams in the industry of love, and carry out their careers, all while going through the trials and tribulations of love, drama, and heartache. They may help others walk down the aisle, but that doesn’t mean that any of them are any closer to finding that special someone to finally say “I Do” to. Will business ever meet pleasure? 

Quinn Fabray||Taken 

❣ Age: 25||Occupation: Co-Owner of Starlight Brides
❣ Best Friends with Mercedes Jones who she met in Lima U
❣ Friends with Kurt, Rachel, Santana
❣ Knew Puck from high school 
❣❣ Secret: Had an affair with a married professor at Lima U and still sees him occasionally

❣ A Roleplay based on the fanfic "The Wedding Planner" 

❣ Many roles available

❣ Coming SOON!! 

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